We match volunteers and organizations

Volunteering.dk is a subsite to Frivilligjob.dk - the largest portal for volunteerjobs in Denmark. On Volunteering.dk we try to bring organizations and volunteers with international background together. As an organization you can post new volunteer opportunities and as an international you can browse through all the opportunities posted by organizations.

We are dedicated to showing the broad range of volunteering opportunities that is offered in Denmark and to inspire people to find the volunteer work that matches their interests and skills. Therefore, we have very few limits on who can use our services to seek new volunteers. Side by side with entries from traditional associations such as the Red Cross and Danish Scouts you will also find posts by grassroots organisations, social enterprises and projects undertaken by public institutions.

Volunteering.dk wants to give everybody a chance to engage in their community and therefore our service is free to use for both volunteers and organizations.

Volunteering.dk was founded with support from The Obel Family Foundation.

Mail: info@volunteering.dk

Tlf: 98120224